Things To Remember When You Start Your Day With An Elite Escort For The First Time In Your Life

Things To Remember When You Start Your Day With An Elite Escort For The First Time In Your Life

What makes an elite escort different from an ordinary escort? Well, there are several reasons for this. The thing is, an elite escort is exclusive, and she never avails herself to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Her rates are higher than an ordinary escort; she decides who she goes out with and who she doesn’t feel like. In most cases, an elite escort also doubles up as a model, actress, or basically someone who has clout. She is confident, she has the looks, and she challenges you to go get her! Which is why, every time an elite escort agrees to hook up with you, you have to be very excited. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Spending time with an elite escort for the first time in your life? Below are the Dos and Don’ts

  • Personal hygiene matters

    Long before you have started your day with an elite escort, ensure that your personal hygiene matters a lot. Shower thoroughly, shave your armpits, use a body cologne if you can; make effort to look good for your date. An elite escort is like a celebrity in her own way, she commands attention. The last thing you want is to show up next to her shaggily dressed, smelling of sweat and the likes.

  • Budget well in advance

    It’s very important that you have budgeted properly when meeting with an elite escort for the first time. Apart from her agreed rates, you may need to spend some amount eating out, watch a movie together, go shopping, etc. You’ll need to have your credit card with you, or have some cash at hand for such expenses.

  • Be punctual

    An elite escort operates strictly on time. If she promises to meet you between 8 am and 7 in the evening, you’d better be there on time! The fact that you’re paying to have her company doesn’t mean that you can waste her time or have her wait for you for endless hours. She’ll like you more if you are punctual.

  • A little romance and creativity

    The key to making a lasting impression on an elite escort for the first time is by being creative, and a bit romantic where possible. She’s still a girl and the end of the day and like most, she would not mind some flowers, candy, or other gifts to surprise her. You are likely to enjoy an escort’s company if you show her that you have genuine interest in her as a woman, let alone an escort.

  • Be civil and polite in your language

    Always measure your language when meeting an elite escort for the first time. Vulgar and dirty jokes, expletive phrases; the fact that you’ll have adult fun doesn’t qualify you to use improper language. Unless you know the lady very well, it’s better to always be courteous and polite.

  • Confidence is king

    Lastly it pays to be confident when spending time with an elite girl for the first time. Don’t be shy of candidly speaking your mind; most are open minded anyway. Elite escorts like it when a man is confident both on the streets and behind closed doors. Others may be the shy type and unless you’re confident enough to take charge of the meetup, you’ll mistake them for being aloof. Confidence also means being able to hold her hand when together, opening the car door for her, pulling a chair at the restaurant; such subtle gentlemanly gestures will go a long way in impressing the elite escort.

Pro Tips For Hiring The Best Escort In London

Pro Tips For Hiring The Best Escort In London

Hiring an escort in London is as hard or easy as you make it. If you have done it previously, you are likely to find the entire booking process easy and smooth. If it is your first time, then most likely, you will have little skills in hiring the ideal escort. The thing with London escorts is that most of them are overly confident and classy; a newbie or first timer may easily get intimated by their presence. You have to act like a pro; be confident, believe in yourself, and ultimately, you’ll tune in the prettiest, sexiest escort. If only you are able to get things correctly on the hiring process, then you can rest assured that the rest will fall in place. If the hiring is wrong, then the choice is likely to be wrong.

Pro Tips For Hiring The Best Escort In London

  • Compare and contrast; First and foremost, start by comparing and contrasting the different escort agencies that are offering escorts. This means that, rather than getting excited by the first site you come across, take time to compare what it does different from the other agency. Pros are always exploring for new girls within the agencies and as such, they keep on checking out what different escort agencies are offering on the sites.
  • Say no cheap escorts; secondly, never ever fall for the temptation of picking cheap escorts. Again, real pros avoid cheap escorts like the plague; they know that ultimately, they are much more costly. The kind of escort you pick tells a lot about your tastes and in this regard, make a habit of picking classy women. You will learn a lot about the London escort industry by spending time, hanging out with high class escorts.
  • Reputable agencies; make a habit to of picking your escorts from reputable escort agencies. Like aforementioned, real pros have no time going from agencies offering cheap escorts. Reputable agencies have classy ladies who will challenge you and turn you into a real pro of the escort industry.
  • Confidence is king; all women, whether escorts or not, love confident men. As a client, never feel insecure or intimidated when faced with a VIP escort. Always make a habit of looking into the escort’s eyes, and rising up to welcome her when you meet. This is the surest way to make her respect and become submissive towards you. Confident men can get any escort they lay their eyes on, however classy or hard to get she is.
  • Keep fit; this is a tough one, but truth is that as a pro, you’ll need to keep physically fit and really on top of your game. Escorts have desires and expectations too; who wants a man that will slumber off on top of her during love making? If you have a date with an escort, never consume excessive alcohol as this make you doze off prematurely, or even affect your communication with the escort. Be alert; be capable of making sound judgments and decisions when with the escort.
  • Be a gentleman; lastly, always act like a gentleman when hiring, or booking an escort. Most men tend to make the mistake of assuming that they can be arrogant, impolite, when dealing with an escort simply because you’re paying to be with her. Things have changed; any escort worth her salt will easily walk away from any drama or mistreatment from a client. You want to be polite and courteous when handling the escort. She’ll also be more cooperative is she sees that you are treating her like a lady, and in a way that makes her feel appreciated.
Select Your Escort With Out Sharing Your Personal Details

Select Your Escort With Out Sharing Your Personal Details

What Are The Different Channels In Which You Can Communicate And Select Your Escort With Out Sharing Your Personal Details

A few years ago, the term hacking was just like any other computer and IT jargon that few people would give a second glance. Not anymore. Government websites have been hacked, entire systems have been brought down and personal data stolen. Even credit card details, personal address details have all been stolen by scammers who end up fleeing the owners. At a time when escort agencies have all gone digital in terms of offering their services, you should exercise much caution when sharing your details out there. Always to give as little information about yourself especially if you are doing it online. The last thing you’d want is having your personal details shared by a third party, your nude photos and naughty messages publicized in an anonymous website.

become London high class escort

  • Don’t send your personal photos; why would an escort agency ask you to send them your personal photo? The role of an escort agency is to provide you with beautiful escorts; yours is to pick and have fun. Even when chatting directly with an escort via phone or live chat, always desist from sending photos of your face or such like.
  • Never share credit card details, driver’s license; when picking an escort, even when making payments, an agency should never ask you for copies of any personal document. These are later used to hack or compromise your bank account. Even for an agency that requires you to subscribe as a VIP member, you should never give all the information about you.
  • Nudes and selfies, avoid those; we all love the thrill of taking a selfie to capture a magical moment. When in the company of a pretty, sexy escort, most men would be tempted to want to take a photo together either when eating out, clubbing, watching a movie, or whatever. If you have to do such, always take the selfie from your phone. Besides, some escorts don’t allow clients t take photos of them without first informing them. Thus, always seek for permission politely. On the same note, avoid taking any nudes or pornographic videos of moments spent together. It is actually against the policy of most agencies not to allow any clients to take such images of their escorts.
  • Whatsapp is safe; if it comes to a point where you want to take your affair with an escort to the next level, you can always chat using Whatsapp. Whatsapp recently encrypted all their communications meaning that you can chat with your escort, exchange photos and images, audios, without fear that the escort agency is eavesdropping or gathering info about you. Other forms of communication can easily be hacked, and your personal information stolen. But with Whatsapp, you don’t have to worry about such.
  • Pay in cash; if you really wish to remain anonymous and with little evidence of your activities, then paying in cash is always a nice way out. Cash leaves no trails, unlike credit cards where you have to include personal details, others your finger print when swiping.
  • One on one meet ups are safer; lastly, desist from too much back and forth communications with the agency; whether via email, live chat, or whatever. Rather, visit the agency one on one, or arrange for a coffee date with the model one on one so that you get to know her, built rapport.

As a gentleman, you have to be very smart and smooth in the way you play your game when with an escort. You want to have fun, but also in a responsible way that will ensure that you do not lose any of your items, or personal data.

Why You Should Never Trust Cheap Escorts? Why People Regret After Choosing A Cheap Escort

Why You Should Never Trust Cheap Escorts? Why People Regret After Choosing A Cheap Escort

When every man is going out to pick an escort, he expects to hook up with a nice lady by all standards. This is in terms of her looks, dressing, character, and basically class. The classier, the better. But there are many a man who have gone ahead and booked an escort, only to end up disappointed and upset by the experience. Cheap is always expensive. If all you are considering when booking an escort is the amount you have budgeted, then you aren’t likely to end up with the right kind of girl. Cheap escorts will always prove to be more of a liability than an asset. If you want the real deal, it is better to spend slightly more and end up with a classy, pretty escort, than pay little and force yourself on a girl you aren’t into.

  • Most people who have picked a cheap escort tend to regret almost immediately that she shows up! Long before you have even had chance to have fun, her arrival is disappointing. Reason? Most are used to offering their services cheaply and thus don’t take much effort into looking good. They don’t always invest in the best clothing or shoes, handbags; this is unlike a high class escort who does all it takes to look good for you.
  • Secondly, most men realise that cheap escorts aren’t as hygienic as the high end escorts. The fact that a cheap escort charges cheaply means that she strives to hook up with several clients on a given day or night; for a high class escort, all that she needs is one serious client, and she’s ready to stick to him the entire night. You have qualms kissing a cheap escort’s neck, entire body, or even going down on her! This oughtn’t to be the case; an escort should be fully desirable, from her looks to her hygiene!
  • Most cheap escorts tend to over imbibe in alcohol, occasionally on drugs. On a typical night, a lady ought to drink moderately; most VIP and high class escorts always drink lightly when in the line of duty. But a cheap escort will just drink and drink, till in some instances you may be forced to carry her to your place! This can be annoying, embarrassing, or the end of what would have been a great night together. This is a lesson most men have learnt the hard way with a cheap escort.
  • Another familiar tale that never escapes most people who pick cheap escorts, is the loss of personal items and property. Mobile phones, watches, wallets, belts, jewelry; a cheap escort is likely to make away with such on a night out, compared to a high class escort. The fact that a majority of cheap escorts are freelancers means that they are not answerable to any agency. They are thus harder to trace or hold accountable in case of a theft or unfortunate incident. Elite escorts on the other hand know very well that their conduct is always being scrutinised by the escort agency; they would hardly attempt to steal from a client.

Most people who book cheap clients do so, not because they cannot afford a better escort, but out of ignorance. Some learn the hard way! To avoid falling victim, always opt to spend a bit more and get better services. An escort with class is a turn in every way; her mere presence makes you feel complete and special. A cheap one on the other hand is not even someone you’d wish to be seen with in public!

How You Can Get Connected With The Best Escorts In UK

How You Can Get Connected With The Best Escorts In UK

There is a difference between getting an escort in London, and getting the best escort in London. Escorts are all over, there are a thousand and one escort agencies that you can pick your lady from. However, only a few select escort agencies really live up to your expectations; knowing such agencies guarantees you of getting connected with the best escorts. By the best escorts, it means a lady who is a combination of both brains and beauty, an all rounded lady that will keep you entertained at all times. This is someone that would also double up as a personal assistant for business executives looking for a pretty assistant. Here at La Belle Affaire, we have nothing but the best escorts you will ever find anywhere in London. In order to get connected with any of them, you just need to let us know! We’ll handle the rest.


  • Referrals are always a great way to get connected with the best escorts in the UK. You could speak to a friend who has perhaps hired an escort from a certain agency; find out from them whether they enjoyed the encounter. If for instance you plan to visit the UK for business, and want to hire an escort while at it, it makes much sense to speak to a friend who has been there before, and done it!
  • Secondly, most escort agencies include reviews at the bottom, from clients who have tried their services. Much as some of these reviews can be doctored by the agency to hide the negative comments, they are still crucial. See the experience of former clients, are they full of praise for the ladies they met, or they have nothing good to say? Such will help you identify agencies that are likely to connect you with the best escorts.

  • You can also decide to conduct a general search of the best escorts agencies in the UK. To do this, you just need to search for the agencies operating around your city or vicinity. Once you have a list of different search results, you can then narrow down your search. Some agencies operate around the UK, with models in almost all the major cities like London, Liverpool, Birmingham, and so on so forth. Others serve clients only in small, limited towns. Needless to say, the bigger an agency is, the higher your chances of meeting a nice escort.
  • Lastly, you can always have an escort connect you to her friend or colleague. For instance, if you have a favorite escort, but confirm that she’s busy when you need her, you can always have her recommend or suggest a friend to you. Escorts are not jealous; she’ll always be ready to recommend a colleague to you when she is unable to meet you.

La Belle Affaire escort agency leads, others follow. We are your gateway to hooking up with sexy escorts in the UK; all our girls are sexy and elegant.

Why Businessmen are Interested in Hiring an Escort for Their Trip in London

Why Businessmen are Interested in Hiring an Escort for Their Trip in London

VIP-Calls-Girls-for-businessmenBusinessmen are busy people who often spent most of their time working hard and sometimes get caught up in a line of business trips to attend. There are a couple of reasons that make businessmen opt to hire escorts for their trips to London. Some of these reasons are obvious but others are personal and for whichever of these reasons, we are not here to judge.

  1. Loneliness

Business trips to London or other states may take weeks and even months. For this reason, Businessmen rarely spend enough time in their homes and if they do it’s a short time then they are back on the business trips. It is rather too obvious that even if they are married there is some distance between them and their partners. Since they have desires that need to be satisfied this is one major reason that may result in them to hire an escort for their trip. La Belle Affaire escorts are located in London and help such businessmen to get qualified and highly skilled escorts to keep them company.

  1. Need for a companion

Everyone desires to come home or their hotels to a person who is compassionate and caring enough about them. Businessmen, especially on trips to London, are not an exemption. Some of them hire an escort for the interest of long conversations with a stranger who will not judge then unlike family or friends they know. Escorts in London have a major in this as they are intelligent and can comfortably engage in any type of conversations. La Belle Affaire ensures that all their escorts are capable of taking the long night’s conversations to another level hence businessmen don’t get bored. Sometimes all these businessmen need is someone to be with them all night after a stressful and long day and tell them everything is going to be okay.

  1. Curiosity and variety in women

Escorts from La Belle Affaire in London have higher ratings that make businessmen on their trips get interested in knowing the reason behind the hype. They have the good looks and dress attractively that any businessman will be attractive. They may have heard interesting stories from their colleagues who might have come from similar trips and get curious hence hire the escorts for themselves too. VIP high class escorts offer their all and take keen in dressing to kill. They are okay with their bodies and do not feel any type of way exposing a little bit of it. This is the exact thing that attracts business men as most of them do not get such opportunities at their homes.

  1. Fun

Sometimes businessmen on trips take some time off their busy schedule and decide to have some little fun. These people work most if not all of their time and when they get a chance, especially while in London they don’t find any reason to back down. London escorts are beautiful and know how to have fun and when they are hired they offer the best services. They know how to party and have fun and are interesting at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to be in the presence of a pretty and classy lady especially in corporate dinner and drinks occasions? Most of these business men do travel with their partners and don’t see anything wrong with hiring escorts to make their day or night.

Other personal reasons may cause businessmen to hire escorts as the above reasons are not definite. Either way, escorts play a great role to such men as they entertain and keep them company whenever they are on their trips. La Belle Affaire makes this possible as they are easily accessible in London.

Invite Elite Escort for clubs opening in Ibiza

Invite Elite Escort for clubs opening in Ibiza

Ibiza-Clubbing-with-EscortsWhen you are opening a new club at Ibiza, you need all the publicity you can get.  It’s true what they say; the best clubs are those that have the most beautiful girls. While the media can capture the glamor; having stunning ladies can further boost the popularity of the club. Having good looking models is the alluring element to a great house party, pool party and club opening.

  • With our girls, you are sure of getting frequent visits from wealthy businessmen and people who will not hesitate to pay a lot of money to have fun or enjoy the nightlife. The girls are well versed with knowledge. Hence can carry an amazing conversation about fashion, politics, business or life. They can soften the conversation when a man wants to close a business deal by making a good impression on the client.
  • Our Elite escorts are great company and create a friendly relationship so that the next time you come to the city you can opt for the same service. During exclusive VIP parties, use these girls as promoters, and they can attract big spenders who will be willing to pay for expensive drinks.
  • Our girls have good physiques just like models. You can book more than one girl because of the more sexy girls seen hanging around the club, the faster the attraction.
  • You can fly the girls to where you want to open a new club, and they will still be professional and do the entertaining for clients. Powerful customers that will frequent the club can eventually turn to be business partners or investors.
  • Their beauty and alluring bodies will be a plus size for the club owner as it helps to give a class to the place. Men and bisexual women will also want to view the club as it will be a place of entertainment and the main environment where they can interact and get to know these ladies.
  • Most of the elite escorts come in contact or socialise with diverse individuals including high prominent men in the society. They can then use their network of clients to recommend your club. Therefore, every time a customer wants to go clubbing, their escorts can vouch for the privacy and good times in your clubs.


Venturing into the club business is one of the things that require a lot of publicity, and you can easily do that by employing the services of Labelle affaire Escort Agency.

Blondes or brunettes – who do you like?

Blondes or brunettes – who do you like?

Blonde-EscortsThere has always been a controversy on who has the most sex appeal: a blonde or brunette. With a saying that blondes have fun while brunettes are intelligent, it can be hard to decide which girl you’d rather have.  However, here in La Belle Affaire, you get to choose a girl based on her looks as well as her personality. If you are torn between the two, you can even book both and find out for yourself.

  • Blondes are universally seen as the epitome of beauty. The natural blonde hair is often considered rare as a result, ladies with this hair color tend to stand out from a crowd. Amongst a group of girls, a blonde is going to turn men’s head.
  • Blondes also have a fun personality and are willing to explore their sexual boundaries. Their hair makes the skin appear fairer and have a bubbly personality that makes them easy to approach. With this hair color, a lady looks more submissive and can easily be dominated. > Blonds keep life interesting (25 photos) : theCHIVE
  • Brunettes, on the other hand, have striking dark hair that tends to contrast with their skin. Therefore, their facial features tend to be more prominent. Their unique features will be readily noticeable; making each anyone of them look exotic. Read > 16 Fascinating Reasons Why Brunettes Are TOTALLY Awesome.
  • Brunettes are also viewed as professional, independent and intelligent. Hence can be conversant and maintain a meaningful conversation about any topic with men of different status. Their mental ability equates to the idea of understanding more about the needs of their clients. Hence are better lovers and good at creating a connection with a man. She will dominate you and take control of giving as well as receiving pleasure.
  • Both blondes and brunets in La Belle Affaire love sex, and those who are quiet are wilder in bed. All are perfect for taking to dates, events and their expertise depends on experience. The longer a lady has been on the job, the better she can understand and comfortably meet the needs of any man.


There is no right or wrong girl based on her hair color. You must have an experience with each of them to find what works specifically for you. At La Belle Affaire we have escorts with different hair colors, so even if you love redheads or other modern colors like ombre, we will give you what you want. At the end of it all, we just want every client to get what they want and be satisfied.

Spend The Night With a Catwalk Model in Mayfair

Spend The Night With a Catwalk Model in Mayfair

Catwalk models at La Belle Affaire are fascinating sights that people just can’t get enough of looking at them. Their beauty is alluring, and their sexy bodies can be draped into any gown, and it will look fashionable. Men dream of having them, while girls just want to look like them. Well, now you have the chance to be with a model for a night or even longer. For a lovely night in Mayfair, Dolls and Roses can give you a catwalk model with a beautiful physique. It is not just their good appearance; they also have an amazing personality to match the beauty.

  • When you are touring Mayfair or visiting for a weekend business trip, you may decide you go to a club; for that, you will need company. While you can opt to go alone, when you have a lovely escort then you will not expose yourself to chatting with just about anyone. Our escorts are knowledgeable and conversant, and they also understand when a client just needs to keep quiet.
  • Imagine yourself moving around town going from one high-end designer boutique and buying what you want without sharing the experience with anyone. You will feel lonely and bored. Having a sexy girl to cheer you on as you try the different outfits and even recommending those that make you look outstanding can be a great help. With any of our girls, it is more than just sexual satisfaction; they aim to build a connection that puts the client at ease and comfortable at all times.
  • There are many events taking place in both London as well as Mayfair. Even if you came alone, you could still have a companion to make the night memorable. Our escorts have the body of a model hence will look classy wearing an evening gown. You can even specify the dressing code, and she will comply with your request. To her, during that day it will be about meeting the standards of your image and blending with the brand. As a professional, she will conduct herself as a catwalk model would in a runway show and aim to please you in all ways.


Count on La Belle Affaire to provide a sophisticated, intelligent and naturally beautiful catwalk model to spend the night with you. So the next time you are in Mayfair for shopping, fun or business, just book with us and will give you a hot model that fits your personality.

See some of our best grils:

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Read the Mayfair area guide for more information about the area in London.

Top International escorts at La Bella Affaire

Top International escorts at La Bella Affaire

What sets aside an ordinary escort from an international escort? Well, an international escort is so much like a diplomat; she often trots the globe meeting clients, cooling their emotional conflicts and desires. From Paris to Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Ibiza, Los Angeles, and Dubai; these international escorts are able to rush to whatever luxury destination you wish to have them come over to. Here in London, La belle affaire is one of the top escort agencies that has distinguished itself as the real home to international escorts. We are keen to ensure that we pick elegant and charming damsels who’ll never disappoint. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a slender, tall escort with a killer figure, or a busty one with a big derriere; whatever your taste is then you can always be sure la belle affaire will have something for you.

We have numerous international escorts, all of them a click of a mouse away. You may have to peruse and scroll over our gallery to get an idea of just how lovely these ladies are; they are the perfect epitome of what every man would want in a woman. Think of Isabella for instance. At only 23, this shy beauty is one of our latest entrants in the category of international escorts. She’s extremely pretty, with soft lips that are ever beckoning. Isabella is half British, half Moroccan; her mane of long dark hair is perhaps the only sign of her latter roots. She is the ideal escort for any discerning gentleman looking for GFE with a young and passionate girl. She’s tall, with a slender frame that would make you confuse her for a famous actress.

International-EscortAlternatively, there’s Alexa for you; she’s the lady for you if you prefer your women slightly thicker and with some flesh on their bones. This brunette is a veteran international escort, and wherever she has gone, she has always done la belle affaire proud. Alexa’s round and tight bum, plus fleshy thighs make her an irresistible dish to any man. It’s has been said that men love naughty and witty ladies and Alexa epitomes that; she’s an ideal pick for anyone looking for a classy escort for adventure. She reminds you of those curvy, bikini clad girls you see on music videos on luxury yachts in the Caribbean. She lives in Knightsbridge and loves partying and eating out.

Still, we have slender Miriam, another 24 year old babe from Chelsea. Miriam prides herself of having the perfect, model like figure; she jogs each morning, does Yoga most evenings, and eats healthy. The thing with Miriam is that her sexy figure aside, she has a powerful presence and personality. Perhaps it’s her lovely eyes, or in the way she makes eye contact when listening to you; she’s the kind of girl that only an intelligent man can cope with. If you’re looking for ideal international escort to attend a conference with, or important business meeting, then you need a lady like Miriam. She’ll dress the part, walk with the grace and gait of a professional PA; she is a bit naughty however, behind closed doors.

Top International escorts at La Bella Affaire

Last but not least, we have Kaya, another extremely hot international escort who’s on standby ready to spoil you. She reminds you of those classy, expensive girlfriends you see in Holy Wood; she dresses in expensive designer clothes shoes, hair always neat and nicely made. Yet, sweet Kaya is humble and easy to get along with. She is an ideal pick if you’re looking for a trophy girlfriend to have fun with, and floss around with in front of your peers!

Get in touch today with La Belle Affaire for more of our international escorts; they are always hot, charming, and ready to come over and meet you wherever you are.