Things to do when you are Alone in London

Things to do when you are Alone in London

Being alone in London doesn’t have to dampen your spirits. Take that opportunity to venture out and discover what the city has to offer. Bring out the explorer in you. For one, this is a great opportunity for you to socialize with and meet great people. It’s your freedom, so if you are flying solo in London here are ways to fly even higher.

Museum and Sightseeing

Wherever you decide to go, London is packed with many eye candies. You can go to explore the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or visit the famous British Museum. These places will captivate you with fascinating history, art and architectural exhibitions that will make you forget that you are alone. Other places you can tour include the Sir John Soane’s Museum which has numerous paintings and sculptures from different time periods.

Live shows

London is packed with great theaters where you can go to join others and indulge in captivating shows. If you find yourself alone in London, use that chance to attend the West End shows for instance. Some of the great shows to catch include Against, Aida and Apologia among others. These shows feature stellar performances by various celebrities on stage. You wouldn’t worry about being alone here.

The London Markets

This might not be the ideal thing to do if you had a date, but now that you are alone don’t hesitate to go and pick up a bargain. Some of the most famous London markets include the Camden Market, the Borough Market and the Greenwich Market. The Camden market is the hub for fancy clothes, food and souvenirs. Spend your time browsing through the goodies here and you might just bag the best deal of your life.

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Hop on Hop off Bus Tour

This is the most ideal way to explore the city expansively in a short period of time. The hop on hop off buses can take you anywhere you want to go within the city within a single day. You have the chance to get off and hop back on as many times as you want. Popular destinations include museums, the Tower Bridge, London’s Tower and the London Aquarium among others,

Singles Clubs

London is the right city for you to meet and party with single people. There are many singles in this city looking to hang out with likeminded people. In such clubs you will find a crowd made up of travelers, locals, students and other people looking to have fun and good times. Some clubs feature happy hours and live deejays that will serenade you while you enjoy the company of other lone rangers.

Drinking Solo

Find cool pub and order your favorite drink but don’t be shy to start a conversation with the person sited next to you. There is a form of excitement associated with bonding with a total stranger in a bar. If they are fun to converse with, you can choose to add them to your bucket list. According to research, this is the trick used by most singles in London to meet up with likeminded people.

London is filled with fun places and things to do and it doesn’t matter whether you have company or not. If you are open to the idea, it’s easy to find company along the way to join you in your explorations.

The Best 10 Adult Entertainment in London

The Best 10 Adult Entertainment in London

These include strip clubs, gentleman’s clubs, strip teases, pole dances, sex parties and full nude shows among others. If you are looking for such kind of fun plus more, then look no more. We have rounded up the naughtiest activities and places in London for your indulgence.

  1. Gentleman’s clubs

Many gentleman’s clubs exist in London where men can go to escape from the pressure and stress of their daily activities. You can expect quality entertainment, drinks, good food and nude performances. The best clubs feature beautiful ladies, theater, private lounges and table service. One notable gentleman’s club is the Windmill in West End

  1. Swinger’s clubs

Londoners are just as sexually adventurous and outgoing as any other people. You may not discern this during the day but when the sun goes down, thriving sex parties come to life. These are the places for kinky fans to go for orgies and swingers parties. Notable ones include Club Hermione and Killing Kittens which offer private and elite sex parties in London every month .You have to apply for membership and be invited to attend the party.

  1. Fever parties

These parties are for single ladies and young couples. While men need to invitation to attend, all is required for a woman is for her to look sexy and beautiful. The parties feature furnished play rooms. This is a classy affair where men are required to wear suits while women show up in lingerie.

  1. Skirts Clubs

The skirt Club in London hosts lesbian parties at the Looking Glass Cocktail Club. The events are strictly for women who want to experiment with other women. Many open minded married women and straight girls also attend these parties.

  1. The Torture Garden

This is the most famous sex club in London and it is held at various high class venues throughout the city. Attendance is usually high sometimes to a figure of 2500 people. Among these are celebrities and other thrill seeking people.

  1. Le Boudoir

It’s a classy and stylish venue where everyone is free to express themselves sexually. This club in London is open to everyone of every sexual orientation. All it needs for attendance is signing up to become a member, then you can take part in their steamy and erotic nights.

  1. Kinky Salon

These parties are a bit friendlier if you are just dipping your feet into the world of sex parties. You have to dress the part to be allowed into the venues. In some instances it is guaranteed that public sex will go down.


  1. Naked picnicking

Visitors in parks like the Abbey House Gardens are allowed to take off their clothes and enjoy their picnics naked. Photography is not allowed.

  1. Lap Dancing Clubs

The clubs are centered on sensual entertainment for men fused with a party culture. Most clubs feature female dancers, DJs, dancing tables and dancing poles. These clubs get beautiful blonde and brunet girls to help you relax and forget your worries.

  1. Naked Modelling events

Like the modelling events held by Spirited Bodies, professional models show up to be photographed nude. The events are held to encourage people to face their body issues and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Whatever makes your erotic blood rush, London has the best options for you. Above mentioned are some of the activities and venues to indulge in for both hard core and softcore kinky freaks.

Party, Lifestyle & Nightlife in London

Party, Lifestyle & Nightlife in London

Looking for the perfect nightlife experience in London? They you are likely to be spoilt for choice thanks to the many activities that await you. It has been an open secret for long that Londoners generally love to party and make merry. As a visitor, you can expect nothing less but fun and memorable moments during your night adventures. What is important to note is that London is active 24/7 and you have nothing to worry about. If you are new however, perhaps you should consider getting some company of someone who’s conversant with the city’s night life to show you around. No one fits better for such than picking an escort from a reputable escort agency. Most of the escorts here have been born and raised around the City, which makes them the perfect guides for all your night escapades.

Generally speaking, there are numerous things to do and places to visit at night in London;

  • There are tens of night clubs that play all manner of music from rock to oldies, newest tracks, RnB, to mention but a few.
  • You also have many coffee shops, restaurants and eateries that operate till late into the night.
  • London is home to famous comedy clubs where you can sit back and laugh yourself to tears thanks to the hilarious comedies and plays that are screened.
  • There are massage parlors that offer full body massages and operate even at night
  • London’s rooftop bars are spectacular and offer a nice view of the City’s nightlife from a bird’s eye point.
  • You’ll also want to try out a magician’s show, most of which are held in a few select clubs most weekends at night.

Having said the above, it is worth mentioning that London’s nightlife lifestyle is not a one size fits all! Rather, there’s diversity and you go for what excites you. While one person may find it ideal to hop from one night club to the other sampling the music and having fun, another may be content sitting indoors over drinks! If you’d be lucky enough to have a sexy babe by your side, sticking indoors would be great. You could watch movies over drinks, play a game of cards, or simply cuddle up and get cozy. Like mentioned, it’s for you to decide what excites you. Londoners have a tendency to hold house parties and invite friends over. In such a party, one brings their own girlfriends and those that are single can get an escort to accompany them. As such, everyone has company by their side and such a party may run all night. Professional escorts are always open minded and eager to accompany you to such night parties. Once you’ve briefed her on the venue and what the party is all about, she’ll put effort to look good and hot for you.

Lastly, always remember this; the key to a great night in London lies in adequate planning. Although spontaneity has its share of benefits, it makes much sense to plan well in advance of what exactly you wish to indulge in. If you need the company of an escort during your night out, it’s better to make prior arrangements. Book her well in advance; brief her on what you expect of her. Mind you, some o these top escorts are busy and much sought after; you’ll be disappointed if you wait till the last minute to ask her out.


At La Belle Affaire, there’s always a list of all the available escorts including their schedules. You’re thus able to identify one that you fancy and make the necessary meet up arrangements.

Adult Entertainment for Solo Travelers in London

Adult Entertainment for Solo Travelers in London

As a solo traveler to London, you are likely to get bombarded with plenty of options to pick from when it comes to adult fun. To visit a strippers club alone? Or go clubbing with an escort? Or better still get a sexy babe for a slow, unrushed erotic body massage with happy endings? Whatever your choice is, truth is that London never runs short of memorable adult entertainment at any one given time. It all depends on your tastes and preferences; London has it all. But as a solo traveler, it makes sense to make adequate arrangements so as to derive maximum fun from your night adventures. For instance, are you well conversant with the best spots in the city for adult entertainment? This is a vital consideration considering that the city is full of clubs and joints offering adult entertainment.

Traveling solo doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t require some quality company by your side.

Traveling solo doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t require some quality company by your side. In fact, some of the best adult entertainment joints like Stripper’s club are best when you have a sexy lady accompanying you. Labelle Affaire escorts are always on standby to accompany you to such clubs where you can ogle and admire the strippers as much as you like; escorts are not jealous or restrictive! Most of the strippers operating in the city’s clubs are doing it for work and aren’t available for every tom, dick and harry. You’re well advised thus to have your own babe for your own satisfaction. Unlike a girlfriend who would frown at the very idea of going to a strip club, escorts don’t mind a bit! In fact such sessions act as the perfect atmosphere to shape your adult fun once you’re left. Perfect foreplay for any naughty couples.


You can also decide to hop into one of the many London night clubs! Ever heard of something called twerking and dirty dancing? London clubs offer you a chance to witness firsthand the highly charged and energetic city girls as they shake their perfect derrieres. Most are dressed in scant, sexy dresses that bring out all their curves perfectly. If you are lucky, you could come across a solo or independent escort partying alone and who is in need of company. With such, there’s no beating around the bushes or shying away! The escorts are professionals and know what you want long before you have said it! She won’t mind dancing with you, getting close and cozy on the dance floor, before you head to your hotel room together. It’s also worth mentioning that a big number of these independent escorts have their own fully furnished apartments where they can host you. You can enjoy a GFE or threesome since some of the escorts are okay inviting their girlfriends over.

The last adult entertainment indulgence for a solo traveler is a massage with a happy ending. If you have traveled from far and are exhausted or don’t feel like heading out of your hotel room, you just need to get in touch with an escort who offers massage services. She won’t mind coming over to your hotel room and working on you gently with her soft, feminine hands. These girls are experts in teasing you and making you crave for her even as massages your body. Most escorts are naughty by nature and will undress slowly in front of you once she has finished massaging you, teasing you with her eyes and flickering tongue. Some will even go ahead and give you a mind shattering BJ before mounting you and riding you like a pony. As long as you have agreed on the happy ending part, the escort will always do whatever it takes to please you and leave you satisfied.

Escort a Bit too Pricey? She is worth it!

Escort a Bit too Pricey? She is worth it!

Have you visited an escort website and have been discouraged by the price they charge for a date? It will not be a waste of money and the encounter will be worth your while

Here is why

  1. What you See is what you get

This is especially the case for high-end escorts on Escort Agency websites.

First, you have to appreciate the detail on the photos taken; they are professionally done and capture not only their sensual features but mirror they personalities and attitudes. The hair, clothes and makeup; the whole package is what you get.

A date with an escort is an experience, they some of the most beautiful flawless women in the United Kingdom. What you are paying for is an experience and the photos, believe it or not, still do not do them justice.

  1. Hygienic and well Groomed

An escort will want you to come back for more; they are therefore well groomed and very neat in all areas. They will avoid client complaints to their respective agencies about smelly armpits and other areas.

  1. Choice and variety

A well- paying client gets to pick what he prefers his escort to wear during the date even how she should style her hair. The client has the choice the physical features, race and  even level of education he prefers in an escort.

  1. A good relationship with the escort

If you become a well-paying client, the escort will be making herself available even on short notice. This is because she will feel appreciated and respected and can even postpone other appointments just spend time with you.

  1. Safety and security

The private residential areas of escorts are usually safe and secure. This means that you will not encounter any criminal elements and there is a high likelihood that it is easily accessible.  Furthermore, seeing an escort at her place will ensure that you will not incur extra charges simply she used up her personal time to come to you.

  1. High degree of health standards

Paying for an expensive escort assures you of protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections. They are regularly tested and always insist on using protection for safe sex. Offering her extra money will not work. Escorts who charge less may be open to not using a condom so that she can make more money, so you may not be as protected with her as you would be with a high end escort.

  1. For a Date, they are the best

Most people assume that escorts only get by with their looks but this could not be further from the truth. When you hire an expensive escort and take her on a date or a function with friends and family, she will not embarrass you. They are intelligent and witty; you will no doubt be the envy of everyone at the party.

A cheaper escort may suggest you meet in an unfamiliar area which is difficult to find and unsafe.

Negotiating the price of a date with an escort can be a very delicate affair. Negotiating is much easier when dealing with an independent escort. You can meet and negotiate on the price.

Escorts in agencies may not appreciate being contacted by a client that does not have enough money and may cancel the date altogether.

Instead, if you do not have enough money, then consider an escort that charges what you can easily afford. Avoid meeting escorts when you have the exact amount of many she charges. This is because extra charges may apply if you have to meet somewhere other than her residence.

Professional Escorts Make the Best Company that is why they are expensive

Professional Escorts Make the Best Company that is why they are expensive

If you have ever considered hiring an escort, then you have definitely visited their websites and noted the high charges expected for a date. You may be wondering what makes an escort different from any other woman offering their services, here is how;

  1. They have class

Escorts are different in that they know how to behave even in the presence of dignitaries and other VIPs, they blend in perfectly. This is one of the reasons why they can never disappoint or embarrass you while on a date. They are friendly and will be just as much at home at a picnic as at a 5 star hotel. They carry themselves with grace and you feel privileged just to be in her company.

  1. A great fashion sense

Escorts are experienced in balancing between sexy and classy. Escorts do not dress in excessively revealing clothes. You feel proud walking just the streets by her side.

  1. Privacy is a Guarantee

A date with an escort will remain strictly between the 2/ 3 of you. They would never disclose any details to anyone. Therefore you can enjoy the company of the escort and not worry about anyone else finding out as discretion in their line is business is a guarantee,

  1. Range of Options

Escorts offer a variety of services to prospective clients. Escort agencies also have a variety of girls each unique in their appearance from race to size and personalities from ranging from gentle lovers to kinky ones.

  1. Variety of skills

Escorts and their agencies have ladies that can serve and satisfy different kinds of clients. That is to say that there is something for everyone.  Everything from dominatrix services to threesomes among others is available. All you have to do is call and ask.

  1. They are very sensuous

Escorts are different from prostitutes in that they are beautiful yet sophisticated.

some can simply accompany you during your international travels or a business meeting. Keep in mind that escort agencies also take note of the academic status of each recruit. Therefore, you may be pleasantly surprised to find her participating in discussions with your colleagues. Beauty and brains is both rare and priceless.

  1. Professionalism

Escorts are very professional and considerate of your needs and this is easily felt and seen. Unlike prostitutes, it is very unlikely that a high-end escort will steal from you. Simply because she wants you to have a positive reviews on her agency and would like you to call on her in future. Plus, you have already paid her enough.

Also she respects your personal space and will not keep calling and texting or extort you in future.

  1. Extremely good at what they do

Whatever the reason you contacted an escort, she is there and her goal is to give you the best experience she could. You will never be disappointed with her performance so just sit back and enjoy.

  1. Demand

Professional escorts are so good at what they do that they are in constant demand. Many men would love to be in the company of a sensual woman who is only there to please them. It is therefore no surprise that they charge a pretty penny just to go on a date with them.


Before you are able to sign in and book an escort on an agency website, you will be required to provide some form of identification. This is so that you can easily login in future and to have your details on file to ensure the safety and security of the escorts.

What to consider When Booking an Escort in London

What to consider When Booking an Escort in London

London is known the world over for its beautiful scenery, unique weather and of course the rich history that can be seen in its architecture, art and culture. In the modern times, London is one of the most visited destinations in the globe. It is also a major commercial hub attracting thousands of people for business.

What to consider When Booking an Escort

One of the most appreciated experiences in London is the company of escorts. Local and international visitors are always satisfied with the time they spend with escorts. However, there are a few items to consider before and during booking an escort in London.

  1. View their websites

It is always a good idea to contact escorts through their escort service; although private escorts also do exist.

Escorts services are renowned for their level of consistency perhaps that would be best.

View their profile and get to know what services they offer, the website will have a variety of girls different in their shape, race, hair color bust size among others.

  1. Take your Time

At first glance, the role pictures of attractive ladies may overwhelm you. Try not to pick the first profile you like otherwise you will be in for a disappointment. Take your time and read up on what service each girl offers.  There are different categories which include VIP experience, girlfriend experience and a meet.

  1. Confirm the charges

The escort profiles also contain the services they offer and their price range. The prices are non-negotiable so if you do not have sufficient funds it is wise to put off the date.

If the price is not indicated, she is most likely a high-end escort. If you manage to get an escort whose services are within your price range then make sure that there will be no extra “tips” to pay.

  1. Ensure she is the Girl in the photo

Some escorts tend to mislead clients by putting up a different photo on their websites. Others blur their faces for privacy reasons. When you begin chatting and planning for a date, ask her to send her you photo so as to avoid surprises.

  1. Read her reviews

Some clients will write down their experiences with a certain escort in the comment section. The comments shared may not go into detail but will definitely give and overall review. If there are a few negative reviews compared positive ones, you can give her a chance. If the reviews are mostly disappointing, perhaps you should look for an alternative escort.

  1. Discuss your expectations and plans

Talking to an escort over the phone prior to meeting is a very good idea. Confirm the services she is willing to offer to an awkward encounter.

  1. Plan to meet in a public spot

If you are new to London, ensure your security by meeting in well-populated areas. Some criminals may take advantage of visitors in remote areas and rob them of their belongings.

  1. Prove that you have the funds

When you meet, show her that you actually have all the money as required. Requesting a date in cheap restaurants and hotels is probably not a great idea as she may dount your ability to pay and back out.

  1. Check legal status

It is entirely possible to meet an under-age escort. Make sure to ask her if she legally an adult. Never assume anything you don’t want to end up in prison, do you?

  1. Google her

Do your homework to find out exactly how long she has been an escort. If she is relatively new, she may lack enough experience.

Things To Remember When You Start Your Day With An Elite Escort For The First Time In Your Life

Things To Remember When You Start Your Day With An Elite Escort For The First Time In Your Life

What makes an elite escort different from an ordinary escort? Well, there are several reasons for this. The thing is, an elite escort is exclusive, and she never avails herself to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Her rates are higher than an ordinary escort; she decides who she goes out with and who she doesn’t feel like. In most cases, an elite escort also doubles up as a model, actress, or basically someone who has clout. She is confident, she has the looks, and she challenges you to go get her! Which is why, every time an elite escort agrees to hook up with you, you have to be very excited. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Spending time with an elite escort for the first time in your life? Below are the Dos and Don’ts

  • Personal hygiene matters

    Long before you have started your day with an elite escort, ensure that your personal hygiene matters a lot. Shower thoroughly, shave your armpits, use a body cologne if you can; make effort to look good for your date. An elite escort is like a celebrity in her own way, she commands attention. The last thing you want is to show up next to her shaggily dressed, smelling of sweat and the likes.

  • Budget well in advance

    It’s very important that you have budgeted properly when meeting with an elite escort for the first time. Apart from her agreed rates, you may need to spend some amount eating out, watch a movie together, go shopping, etc. You’ll need to have your credit card with you, or have some cash at hand for such expenses.

  • Be punctual

    An elite escort operates strictly on time. If she promises to meet you between 8 am and 7 in the evening, you’d better be there on time! The fact that you’re paying to have her company doesn’t mean that you can waste her time or have her wait for you for endless hours. She’ll like you more if you are punctual.

  • A little romance and creativity

    The key to making a lasting impression on an elite escort for the first time is by being creative, and a bit romantic where possible. She’s still a girl and the end of the day and like most, she would not mind some flowers, candy, or other gifts to surprise her. You are likely to enjoy an escort’s company if you show her that you have genuine interest in her as a woman, let alone an escort.

  • Be civil and polite in your language

    Always measure your language when meeting an elite escort for the first time. Vulgar and dirty jokes, expletive phrases; the fact that you’ll have adult fun doesn’t qualify you to use improper language. Unless you know the lady very well, it’s better to always be courteous and polite.

  • Confidence is king

    Lastly it pays to be confident when spending time with an elite girl for the first time. Don’t be shy of candidly speaking your mind; most are open minded anyway. Elite escorts like it when a man is confident both on the streets and behind closed doors. Others may be the shy type and unless you’re confident enough to take charge of the meetup, you’ll mistake them for being aloof. Confidence also means being able to hold her hand when together, opening the car door for her, pulling a chair at the restaurant; such subtle gentlemanly gestures will go a long way in impressing the elite escort.

Pro Tips For Hiring The Best Escort In London

Pro Tips For Hiring The Best Escort In London

Hiring an escort in London is as hard or easy as you make it. If you have done it previously, you are likely to find the entire booking process easy and smooth. If it is your first time, then most likely, you will have little skills in hiring the ideal escort. The thing with London escorts is that most of them are overly confident and classy; a newbie or first timer may easily get intimated by their presence. You have to act like a pro; be confident, believe in yourself, and ultimately, you’ll tune in the prettiest, sexiest escort. If only you are able to get things correctly on the hiring process, then you can rest assured that the rest will fall in place. If the hiring is wrong, then the choice is likely to be wrong.

Pro Tips For Hiring The Best Escort In London

  • Compare and contrast; First and foremost, start by comparing and contrasting the different escort agencies that are offering escorts. This means that, rather than getting excited by the first site you come across, take time to compare what it does different from the other agency. Pros are always exploring for new girls within the agencies and as such, they keep on checking out what different escort agencies are offering on the sites.
  • Say no cheap escorts; secondly, never ever fall for the temptation of picking cheap escorts. Again, real pros avoid cheap escorts like the plague; they know that ultimately, they are much more costly. The kind of escort you pick tells a lot about your tastes and in this regard, make a habit of picking classy women. You will learn a lot about the London escort industry by spending time, hanging out with high class escorts.
  • Reputable agencies; make a habit to of picking your escorts from reputable escort agencies. Like aforementioned, real pros have no time going from agencies offering cheap escorts. Reputable agencies have classy ladies who will challenge you and turn you into a real pro of the escort industry.
  • Confidence is king; all women, whether escorts or not, love confident men. As a client, never feel insecure or intimidated when faced with a VIP escort. Always make a habit of looking into the escort’s eyes, and rising up to welcome her when you meet. This is the surest way to make her respect and become submissive towards you. Confident men can get any escort they lay their eyes on, however classy or hard to get she is.
  • Keep fit; this is a tough one, but truth is that as a pro, you’ll need to keep physically fit and really on top of your game. Escorts have desires and expectations too; who wants a man that will slumber off on top of her during love making? If you have a date with an escort, never consume excessive alcohol as this make you doze off prematurely, or even affect your communication with the escort. Be alert; be capable of making sound judgments and decisions when with the escort.
  • Be a gentleman; lastly, always act like a gentleman when hiring, or booking an escort. Most men tend to make the mistake of assuming that they can be arrogant, impolite, when dealing with an escort simply because you’re paying to be with her. Things have changed; any escort worth her salt will easily walk away from any drama or mistreatment from a client. You want to be polite and courteous when handling the escort. She’ll also be more cooperative is she sees that you are treating her like a lady, and in a way that makes her feel appreciated.
Select Your Escort With Out Sharing Your Personal Details

Select Your Escort With Out Sharing Your Personal Details

What Are The Different Channels In Which You Can Communicate And Select Your Escort With Out Sharing Your Personal Details

A few years ago, the term hacking was just like any other computer and IT jargon that few people would give a second glance. Not anymore. Government websites have been hacked, entire systems have been brought down and personal data stolen. Even credit card details, personal address details have all been stolen by scammers who end up fleeing the owners. At a time when escort agencies have all gone digital in terms of offering their services, you should exercise much caution when sharing your details out there. Always to give as little information about yourself especially if you are doing it online. The last thing you’d want is having your personal details shared by a third party, your nude photos and naughty messages publicized in an anonymous website.

become London high class escort

  • Don’t send your personal photos; why would an escort agency ask you to send them your personal photo? The role of an escort agency is to provide you with beautiful escorts; yours is to pick and have fun. Even when chatting directly with an escort via phone or live chat, always desist from sending photos of your face or such like.
  • Never share credit card details, driver’s license; when picking an escort, even when making payments, an agency should never ask you for copies of any personal document. These are later used to hack or compromise your bank account. Even for an agency that requires you to subscribe as a VIP member, you should never give all the information about you.
  • Nudes and selfies, avoid those; we all love the thrill of taking a selfie to capture a magical moment. When in the company of a pretty, sexy escort, most men would be tempted to want to take a photo together either when eating out, clubbing, watching a movie, or whatever. If you have to do such, always take the selfie from your phone. Besides, some escorts don’t allow clients t take photos of them without first informing them. Thus, always seek for permission politely. On the same note, avoid taking any nudes or pornographic videos of moments spent together. It is actually against the policy of most agencies not to allow any clients to take such images of their escorts.
  • Whatsapp is safe; if it comes to a point where you want to take your affair with an escort to the next level, you can always chat using Whatsapp. Whatsapp recently encrypted all their communications meaning that you can chat with your escort, exchange photos and images, audios, without fear that the escort agency is eavesdropping or gathering info about you. Other forms of communication can easily be hacked, and your personal information stolen. But with Whatsapp, you don’t have to worry about such.
  • Pay in cash; if you really wish to remain anonymous and with little evidence of your activities, then paying in cash is always a nice way out. Cash leaves no trails, unlike credit cards where you have to include personal details, others your finger print when swiping.
  • One on one meet ups are safer; lastly, desist from too much back and forth communications with the agency; whether via email, live chat, or whatever. Rather, visit the agency one on one, or arrange for a coffee date with the model one on one so that you get to know her, built rapport.

As a gentleman, you have to be very smart and smooth in the way you play your game when with an escort. You want to have fun, but also in a responsible way that will ensure that you do not lose any of your items, or personal data.